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he joins us live in the newsroom for the top story. >> the defense secretary's review ethics inining for the top brass military and if over the fbi involved. >> the pentagon today calls for a culture change. of ethical lapses with onoss the border views training standards. admirals',icers and do it with a distinction and with courage. >> they remarked that when occur, it erodes public in leadership. it can be detrimental to the mission of the public.
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>> we made the determination as through the matter t was not a threat to national security. had we made the determination a threat to national security existed, we would have made that known to the president. >> it turns out this is the picture that prompted this entire investigation. the same woman received supposedly surat -- harassing e- , and instead, a joke e- mail asking which one is fred. ,> she still has not commented biographer and accused mistress. classified documents may have
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.een okay for her to see both she and kelly have since had their military privileges and access revoked. s will be thetraeu the witness list for benghazi. attack on it is behind closed doors so we won't know much about what is but a california harsh wordshas some for the president. >> this administration, including the president himself misinformed,ally allied, to the american people the aftermath of this tragedy. >> the secretary of state clinton, her term will .ot come
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six others hurt after attacks on the strip. they launched the attacks this israel killed their leader in a drone strike yesterday. president obama can no longer on former ally egypt. there are a member of the muslim brotherhood. thatl members of a group people in several areas of the city. >> some of the victims landed in hospital and required surgery. the neighborhoods we are talking about, even outside the sea. is some of what happened and reactions to one victim.
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standing at a bus stop in chinatown. >> i can tell you that the of crimes they committed y sometimes is disturbing in and of itself. >> nine members of the gang were today, ranging in age from 15-22 years old. eight crimes, robbery, destruction of property. began about a year ago. >> is super scary. >> we spoke with a victim. history, awayful from the public. >> the even bragged about their exploits on youtube and other
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t videos showed up about having to fight one another. attacks on the unsuspecting the chiefhat bother counsel of the most. >> i have been able to see the savage beatings. >> it is terrifying that they people over property. >> the number of crimes is not known yet. >> that is ridiculous. >> more are expected. when asked about how many they will have at the end of the day, they expect that number to be staggering. >> following a developing story says fbi agents fire on their daughter. doors broke in his front
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daughtering and his her upstairs bedroom. agents shouted that a god and the open fire. she was treated for a minor injury. the fbi released an indictment wanted in apeople heroin operation but the man for is neverking lived there. >> in an effort to keep the government from going off of the cliff, president obama will meet with members of congress. both the president and leaders say they're compromises, but will see what happens when are on the table. we are scheduled to fall off the january 1. >> we will show you how the hurricane causes a big spike in nation's unemployment problem. trafficthey help ease
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throughout the entire region? we'll have answers coming up at a live report. >> temperatures will stay chile for a while. the seven-day
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be a big dayill for drivers to use the beltway in virginia. dodge the idea is to alleviate traffic by charging a toll. jeff is live. >> technically, there is no much they can charge, they say the system is to keep costs reasonable. are willing to pay extra in return for more time and less stressed. there are many levels of when dealing with beltway traffic. >> it is pretty bad. i would say wrote rage. >> it takes about half an hour to an hour. waiting to help out with just that, waiting. >> i think it will be worth driving them out. >> covering the stretch between springfield at tyson's corner differentdrivers
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the time ofnding on day. drivers will pay a dollar or two, 3-6 during peak rush hours if not more. remainring their range 45-55 miles an hour. the big question is whether they reduce beltway traffic overall. the analyst says that people typically only use those planes they need them. >> i think it really is an opportunity, the guy trying to s kids recital or the soccer practice. >> a couple dollars to breeze through? absolutely. >> he needs no convincing. >> at this point, it can only get better. >> there really want drivers to and patient when these lanes open, considering
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there'll be many new turns. it will take awhile to get used to. up the 2:00 saturday morning, just in time .or the holiday travel >> next up, president obama see more we will show you where we saw this destruction. >> we have the forecast after the break. >> sunday, the redskins and tried resurrect their season. who is this guy? i will tell you all about him and we will hear from him
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u.s. postal service is reporting record losses. >> that is compared to a $5 thaton loss a year before after a year of record productivity. the agency is urging congress to allow the post office to cut and reduceivery days
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health care benefits. >> a major jump in first-time jobless claims, weekly claims by 78,000 last week, the t level in 18 months. thosepartment says numbers will likely be larger couple of weeks. >> president obama is touring devastation in new york. thousands of residents are still without power. the president met with president them the federal t of thent will be par rebuilding process. he is requesting $30 billion in federal aid. dodge the best news i can get coastal stormhe , itave been talking about stay far enough out to sea.
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a good video here of what is happening with this guy coverage. it seems pretty consistently high overcast. the real clear has been held off later tonight. the official high temperature, w averageay with belo temperatures. as far as current conditions, 48 degrees in washington, 43 pittsburgh, even colder towards england, that is where the high pressure is. there.ees mild temperatures west, 51 in louis, that is the air that move here over the next couple of days. we're watching the high clouds
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from low pressure moving carolinas. we will: partly cloudy for the y tomorrow. that high pressure will give us mostly sunny day on saturday. because of the coastal storm hasn't formed yet, this the genesist be eventually. simulations have been following likely itt appears a little further offshore. mit's unclouded is on sunday and monday. 43, 35 degrees early tomorrow morning, the degrees midday, and to do aly climbing out better tomorrow afternoon. kind of cloudy on sunday and monday, pleasant as we had
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through the weekend. it looks like most of the pleasant.ll be there could be a few scattered showers. >> we want to remind you of our newest application. the alarm clock offers news, traffic, and weather., had our web >> redskins and eagles, but no michael veeck. >> this is going to be big, i think. the redskins went through another rehearsal. the skins are favored against philadelphia, which is not a surprise since they're playing
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.t home he has not done anything since suffering a concussion on , so the recorder back will start. is that good aerobatic? the skins have lost eight straight against rookie quarterback, the longest streak. the defenders are well aware of dubious honor >> we have not had very much s against young guys. we know what they're treating him like he is a starting quarterback. >> we know he is not as elusive, but he does a lot of things well. he is a tall guy, he conceded deep routes. it comes up with a game plan to stop him. >> he is a rookie quarterback, is nick foles.
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positive guy with confidence. that his numbers against dallas. sunday will be his first ever nfl start. >> we are excited to play and we want mike to be everything i will do i can out there. >> the redskins are favored by 3. >> washington trails by as many as 22. we look at this last play.
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the nba without have a leadernamo in the aggregate score. it has to be a scoring festival or it is curtains. he knows what he is up against. what we need to do. we have been able to do that at home. period >> a finite football, i had north carolina last week and they gave up 68 points. sunday?o you have >> the redskins. sunday?o you have >> the redskins.
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>> a look at a shocking crime , sexting teenage girls trafficking. and turnings of urban jeans and the prostitutes. an interview you will see only we talk to a girl was lured in by local gang members. >> it will clear out tonight, pretty cold by morning. it will warm up to about 50 by midday, partly cloudy skies and about 54.t right now, sunday and monday looked rather dry. a lot more tonight at 11:00. >> we will be back at 11:00, have a good night.
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